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Added 10/30/10

Check out "The Legend of Hallowdega" after the race on Sunday!

Added 8/25/10

Check out the Queers4Gears article! 

(From the Queers5Gears website)

Seis Questions is an ongoing feature at Queers4Gears where we talk to someone from the world of motorsports and ask them Six Questions.  This week I talk with Andrew Giangola;  The Director of Business Communications for NASCAR.

Added 8/18/10

Check out the February interview with Andrew Giangola "The Weekend Starts on Wednesday"

Added 8/10/10

Check out the NASCAR Says Blog!  The "Chapter Buddies" are on their way to Michigan!

Added 08/06/10

Great book review for "The Weekend Starts on Wednesday" 

Added 8/5/2010

There's plenty of unique tales to tell at Pocono Raceway ! 

Added 8/5/2010

Pocono goes GREEN with solar power! 

Added 8/5/2010

Check out this fan letter to Gillette from a huge Tony fan

Added 7/2/2010

"The Weekend Starts on Wednesday" featured on 

Added 6/27/2010

Days of Thunder 20th Anniversary "making-of" story. 

Added 6/23/2010

Andrew Giangola, Director of Business Communications for NASCAR and author of the new critically acclaimed book, THE WEEKEND STARTS ON WEDNESDAY, to be interviewed live in WACCM TOO group on LinkedIn on Thursday 1 July at 11am EDT (4pm GMT).  K(cl)ick the tires above to join now.

Added 6/23/2010

Very strong NASCAR Goes Green cover story from the Bay Area.

Added 6/12/2010

Check out the GREAT article, on "The Fathead Guy" Kenny, that ran on Friday in the Erie Times!

Added 6/9/2010

Check out "Right Turn Ryan's" blog.

Added 6/6/2010

Great article about Kenny "The Fathead Guy" from The Morning Call!!!!!!

Added 6/4/2010

Fox interview in Charlotte (5/28/2010) with Andrew Giangola, author of "The Weekend Starts on Wednesday:  True Stories of Remarkable Nascar Fans". 

Added 6/4/2010

Check it out!  Rubbings Racing podcast "Gas and Go Episode 13", featuring Andrew Giangola "The Weekend Starts on Wednesday" talking about Cpl. John Hyland.

Added 5/31/2010

Check it out!  Salisbury Post - Verner:  NASCAR fans defy stereotypes.  Great article featuring Cpl. Hyland and "The Weekend Starts on Wednesday.

Added 5/29/2010

Check it out!  NASCAR'S Singing Soldier:  The Story of Corporal John Hyland.  John will be singing the National Anthem on Sunday to open the Sprint Cup race in Charlotte.  (The Huffington Post)

Cpl. John Hyland and driver Natalie Sather

Added 5/27/2010

Check it out!  NASCAR:  A True American Hero to Sing "THE" American Song - Rubbings Racing

Added 5/26/2010

Check it out!  Kenny's Interview with weatherman, Larry Sprinkle, on WCNC TV NBC in Charlotte - AWESOME!!!!!

Added 5/22/2010

Check it out!  Interview with Julie Catalano (page 227 NASCAR is a Thing of Beauty in Boise Salon in "The Weekend Starts on Wednesday") on WBTV 3 News.

Added 5/19/2010

Check it out!  Article for "The Weekend Starts on Wednesday" on USA Today "Author gives voice to NASCAR faithful"

Added 5/17/2010

Check out "The Mischief Starts Here" webpage.  A great write-up on "The Weekend Starts on Wednesday" (The Fathead Guy is mentioned at the end)

Added 5/9/2010

(Andrew Giangola) Jack Hoenstine, featured in the new book "THE WEEKEND STARTS ON WEDNESDAY: True Stories of Remarkable NASCAR Fans" was at the NASCAR races in Darlington for the sixtieth consecutive year.

Added 4/29/2010

(Andrew Giangola) Malverne native's new book, a glimpse of the real NASCAR Nation - Malverne - - Nassau Co

Added 4/29/2010

Photos by Dave Nesi

Added 4/27/2010 

Check out Chapter Buddy Anne Marie Rhodes' site

Added 4/24/2010 Blog News Story

The Tire-Man hits the blog and gets a feature in today's Birmingham News.

Added 4/23/2010 

The Tire-Man signs a copy of "The Weekend Starts on Wednesday" (by Andrew Giangola) with the The Fathead Guy in Talladega.  Photo by Doug Demmons

Added 4/18/2010

Science is her career field, but NASCAR has its own intrigue (roll mouse over the "Article" tab.

Added 4/13/2010

Tricky Triangle:  Pocono Raceway is the Backdrop for Several Stories in The Weekend Starts On Wednesday: True Stories of Remarkable NASCAR Fans

Added 4/11/2010

Front Stretch:  Speed reads; "The Weekend Starts on Wednesday" NASCAR Gold

Added 4/2/2010 

The Weekend Starts on Wednesday article (scroll down to article when page opens - page 6) 

Added 4/2/2010

Thousands jam speedway grounds for Food City Race Night at BMS 

Added 4/2/2010

Dale Ernhardt Imitator 

Added 3/12/2010 

The bard of NASCAR by Mike Barry 

Added 3/12/2010

Great article for the book "The Weekend Starts On Wednesday: True Stories of Remarkable NASCAR Fans" by Andrew Giangola.  Link to the Pocono Raceway "The Tricky Triangle" website... 

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